Jun. 26th, 2017 12:12 pm
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Alcuin had felt badly about how things ended with Anael in their most recent interaction. And he was upset about it himself, too. That compounded with increasing feelings of loneliness, aimlessness... he hadn't felt as if he were in a particularly good place. He was afraid he might just make things worse by reaching out to Anael. But eventually, guilt over not contacting him surpassed his anxiety.

He'd texted, asked if he was okay, apologized for how things ended. And when Anael asked if he'd like to talk in person, he told him that he could come over to his place right then, if he liked.

Which was how Alcuin found himself opening the door and finding the angel there. "I... hello," he said, and offered a little smile. He opened the door wider. "Come in."


Jun. 7th, 2017 10:18 pm
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Alcuin reached for the bottle of wine again... and found it empty.

He should probably not open another one.

Oh, unless there was someone else here with him! Then more wine would be acceptable because he would not be drinking it by himself. He considered briefly calling Eric, but... he'd done that recently, hadn't he?

He groped for his phone on the table in front of him, and dialed a number.

"Hi.... Felix..." And then, the words tumbling out, "what are you doing do you want to come over?"


Jan. 19th, 2017 08:57 pm
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In the week following Hannibal's death, Alcuin did not go through the stages of grief exactly, but he did go through something, and it was all over the place, definitely not in any particular order. Though by the end of that time, he had stopped crying as much and had started spending more time very angry. Angry at the world. Angry at whoever had done this. Angry at the police and the tabloids, who would not leave him to his grief.

And angry at himself, for the knowledge of what he'd done, how he'd reacted. For waking up and finding himself naked in bed with money on the table, and the most recent memory of drinking with a man who'd been horrible to him. Hannibal would have been so disappointed in him.

And all of these feelings together eventually turned into a giant ball of fuck it. He dressed up and went to the Blood Diamond.

Though he was of course hoping to see Eric, he didn't tell him he was coming, and when he arrived, he decided to make an attempt to enjoy himself. And even though he knew intellectually that this was the exact wrong way to do it, he went to the bar and took two shots of tequila, and then went out onto the dance floor. The way that everyone looked at him was intoxicating. Especially vampires, and especially men - probably because he was as androgynous as he ever got with his clothing and hair and a small amount of makeup.

At some point, a man was dancing with him, getting closer and closer, and at some point asked in a low voice, "Don't you belong to the sheriff?"

And Alcuin said, "Belong seems like an awfully strong word." He certainly wasn't going to let some random vampire bite him, though. Or was he? What did it matter anyway?


Jan. 6th, 2017 02:26 pm
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Alcuin had not read any newspapers, very much on purpose. He was certain, given the circumstances of the death, that there would be a story about Hannibal. What he did not want to know was whether his name was mentioned. He was sure the tabloids would dig it up soon enough. If the police didn't let his name slip, someone at Hannibal's prior university was bound to. After all, he was the reason Hannibal had left the position, and it wasn't exactly a secret.

It was verified that it made the papers, because Felix called him, worried. Alcuin wondered what he sounded like as he answered his questions without feeling much at all. He must have sounded bad, because Felix asked if he could come over. Alcuin had hesitated, but then agreed.

When the doorbell rang, Alcuin got out of his bed to answer it. He was wearing silk pajamas and his hair was a little ruffled. Hannibal's ring was on a chain around his neck under his shirt (it was too large for him to wear). He'd been drinking.

"Hi Felix," he said, trying to manage a smile, but it obviously didn't reach his eyes.


May. 27th, 2016 03:01 pm
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Alcuin considered it a happy accident that he and Eric enjoyed the opera together that night. Though he could not deny that he continued to be distracted by the vampire's presence as they sat there together in the dark, alone in the opera box. There were a few moments when he was gratified for his own self control. Well, self control and fear of rejection. A mutually beneficial combination.

When it was over, he looked over at Eric and smiled.

"Thank you. For bringing me."


Apr. 1st, 2016 08:16 am
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It had been quite a night for Alcuin. And once the vampire left him at his front step, he went inside his townhouse and sat down in the nearest chair for a long moment. Then he stripped off the torn and bloody shirt, tossing it on the floor for now just to get it off and then went to look in the hall mirror. He was a mess.

He walked over to the bar in the kitchen to pour himself a drink as he pulled out his phone and dialed Hannibal's number with one hand. He didn't want to explain over the phone, just said that he'd had an eventful night, and could Hannibal come over so he could tell him about it?

He knew just how long it took for Hannibal to get to him, and so he took a very quick shower. He was in a robe, his hair wet, when he answered the door. Having forgotten about the bloody shirt he'd tossed in the hallway.

"Hannibal," he said, looking more relaxed immediately. "I hope I didn't interrupt anything you were doing this evening."


Mar. 29th, 2016 10:37 am
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It was, arguably, very late and dark for Alcuin to be walking home alone, cutting through the park. But he did it all the time, and he enjoyed long walks in the night air, as opposed to calling for a ride from campus to his townhouse.

There was a streetlight out, though, and this was just enough to spark uncharacteristic clumsiness - unable to see, he tripped on an uneven piece of sidewalk, tumbling down and catching himself with his hand on the concrete. He groaned and rolled off of the concrete and into the grass, on his back, squinting to examine the laceration on his palm. It was smeared with blood, and he was trying to decide whether to sacrifice his trousers or his gray cashmere scarf to wipe it. Though then he realized that the sleeve of his white oxford shirt had ripped during the fall anyway, so he just wiped the blood onto his other sleeve instead. It stood out dark red in the moonlight. He looked like he'd been attacked or something.

Just as he started to pull himself to his feet, he heard a rustling from behind him. He turned his head, but there was nothing there. Then a sound from the other side.

And then, before he could react again, someone was on him.

He thought at first that it was a wild animal, or maybe a dog, but then he realized it was a person but they were snarling. Holding him down in the grass. Sniffing at him. And then as he struggled, ripping open his shirt and bringing a mouth with too many and too sharp teeth down towards him.

The fangs were already in his throat before he realized that it was a vampire. Hannibal had warned him, and Alcuin knew even though the only vampire he'd ever met had only been kind to him. But he carried a silver knife at Hannibal's insistence. And he managed to fumble weakly at his belt until he pulled it out, but then immediately dropped it in the grass when the vampire saw what he was doing and grabbed his wrist, snapping the bones with no effort at all.


Dec. 2nd, 2015 03:05 pm
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It was early December, and the holiday atmosphere in London was in full swing. Alcuin was already feeling the effervescence that came with Christmas in a city, and he was in a good mood for it. It was why he had suggested to Hannibal that he come by and they could decorate Hannibal's home. After all, Alcuin had a smaller place and few visitors, and Hannibal was bound to have a dinner party before the month was over.

When Hannibal opened the door, Alcuin held up a bottle. "I brought bourbon," he said pleasantly. "I thought we could make eggnog."


Jul. 12th, 2015 10:56 pm
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When Alcuin had first seen the news about Felix, he had been filled with conflicting emotions, almost overwhelming. First, it was all a complete shock: he'd had no idea that Felix too had been a prostitute, despite the conversations they had had about Alcuin's past. Certainly, Alcuin had suspected that there was something dark there, but he hadn't pushed. And now to find out now only that, but that he too had been with someone like Emmett.. and that he, unlike Alcuin, had not bee "too old"... He felt much the same as he had when he'd first read of Emmett's murder. Sickened. Frightened.

Because there was that connection as well. And the sick feeling only twisted more inside him because of the suspicions he could not shake, the fear about himself. The missing time. And somewhere, deep inside him, that bone deep lack of confidence about what he may or may not be capable of.

He had called Felix and left him a message, asked if he wanted to talk. And he had not said anything to Hannibal about Felix, not yet. He needed to understand first, on his own terms.

He was glad when there was not much time before Felix called him back and offered to come to him. It was smart, he thought, somewhere private. He could only imagine if someone photographer snapped a photo of the two of them together right now.
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January 20
Shannon receives photos of Felix as a child prostitute.

January 21
Shannon talks to Hotch about the photos he received.

April 7
Hotch gives Shannon some preliminary results of his investigation into the photos.

June 2
Felix comes over for dinner with Alcuin and Hannibal. (Relevant plot bit: Hannibal sees the scars on Felix's back.)

June 8
Alcuin runs into Shannon, and finds out that he and Felix (not to Alcuin's knowledge) are still together.
After this conversation, Shannon confronts Felix. (eventually NSFW)

June 10
BLACKMAIL! Hannibal receives a package with a blackmail demand and a sex tape of a young Alcuin with a former client (revealed to be Emmett Whitfordshire, pedophile and all around nasty person). (NSFW for description of tape, possibly triggering.)

June 11
Hannibal talks to Kersen about the blackmail and gets some advice. (eventually NSFW)

June 14
(not threaded) Hannibal abducts Emmett and keeps him in his basement so that he can surgically remove some organs and make him suffer.

June 15
Hannibal serves Alcuin some Emmett kidney for dinner, and with the man (unbeknownst to Alcuin) still in the basement, they take their relationship to a new level. (NSFW)

June 16
Alcuin and Felix meet in the park, for Felix to make good on his promise to Shannon to come clean to Alcuin about the nature of their relationship.

June 19-20
MURDER! Hannibal kills Emmett, and arrives home to find Alcuin gone. Thanks to Hannibal drugging him, he sleepwalked over to the park.

June 20
Hotch is investigating the murder and brings in Felix because photographs of him were found at the crime scene.

June 22
News story about Emmett's death hits the news

June 23
News story about Felix's past (courtesy of Malkar) hits the news


Jun. 22nd, 2015 09:05 am
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Alcuin had gotten a text from Felix while he was leaving Hannibal's house one morning, and agreed to meet him that afternoon in the park. Alcuin was in a pretty great mood, all considered. He did know that there was a pedophile blackmailing Hannibal, and that there existed at least one copy of a sex tape with him in it. What he didn't know, though, was that last night while he and Hannibal had been having relationship-changing sex, that pedophile had been tied up and suffering in Hannibal's basement the entire time.

He went about his day as usual, spending some time in the research lab at university, and then taking a walk over to the park at the time when he was supposed to meet Felix. He bought an iced coffee from a street vendor and sat on a bench, drinking it and watching the joggers go by.


Jun. 8th, 2015 10:45 am
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Alcuin finished the last bit of food on his plate, and smiled contently at Hannibal. "That was really delicious," he said. "The texture was a bit unusual, but... liver?"

Some time had passed and he had managed to calm himself a bit from the looming threat of the video, and the blackmail. He wanted to ask Hannibal if anything else had happened, but since he felt almost normal tonight he also really didn't want to spoil it.


Jun. 5th, 2015 12:01 am
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Alcuin hadn't even been intending to pay a visit to Shannon Teverius. But when he found himself nearing his address on a walk home, he couldn't keep the man from his mind. He'd been worried about how he might be doing after his breakup from Felix. And truth be told, Alcuin might have checked on him sooner if he hadn't found a bit awkward considering his intimacy with Felix. Awkward rather than guilty, though. Despite the negative reaction Shannon had had to finding out about Alcuin's past, he had at least made an effort to move past it, and they had been friendly since then.

Finally, he decided that since he was here, he should swallow the awkwardness and do the right thing. Perhaps Shannon needed a friend.

He found himself at the door, and knocked. He realized that Shannon probably had not seen him since he'd cut his hair.
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The invitation that Alcuin had extended to Felix to join he and Hannibal for Hannibal's cooking sometime had been sincere, and when he had suggested it to Hannibal it had been welcome. He always seemed to appreciate an excuse to entertain. Alcuin had even helped with the cooking, and he really was getting better, he thought. Though he had let Hannibal entirely decide on the menu.

It occurred to him perhaps belatedly that maybe he should have mentioned to Hannibal that he and Felix had been intimate. But it wasn't as if the subject of such things just came up, and mentioning it out of the blue made it seem like a confession, which made Alcuin uneasy. It wasn't as if he'd ever really been in a situation like this before. But in any case, it was certainly too late now.

Having gotten an inkling for Felix's poor sense of direction, Alcuin had simply given him the address of the house and suggested he take a taxi. They could see him home after, or call him another at the end of the evening.

When the doorbell rang, Alcuin left Hannibal in the kitchen to go answer it. Though he certainly did not live here by any means, he had grown more comfortable in Hannibal's home.

"Felix," he said warmly when he opened the door and saw him there. "I'm glad you made it. Come in, come in."


May. 6th, 2015 12:36 am
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It did not take long for Alcuin to procure a hotel room, and he found it awfully inviting. The bed was large, the sheets inviting. After texting Felix downstairs, he took off his jacket and sat down in the chair at the desk. Then stood and walked around a bit. Restless. He found himself rather inexplicably anxious.


Feb. 7th, 2015 11:04 pm
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Alcuin knew as soon as he did it that Hannibal wasn't going to approve. And he found that this made him apprehensive. Almost... scared. The thought of disappointing Hannibal scared him.

And it wasn't just what he'd done, but why he'd done it. It was impulsive. Maybe unhealthy. He'd let his emotion and fear push him into something, and he hadn't stopped to think. He certainly hadn't stopped to consult with Hannibal... either as his lover or his psychiatrist.

He wasn't sure if he should warn him first. Maybe it wasn't as big a deal as he thought.

So when he showed up at Hannibal's house that night... he knew as soon as Hannibal opened the door what a surprise it would be.

Alcuin had cut his hair.


Jan. 13th, 2015 12:35 pm
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[An envelope mailed to Felix Harrowgate, containing a beautifully handwritten letter]

Dear Felix,

I suppose many people find letters rather antiquated, but it feels appropriate and I know that, like me, you will not mind the reading.

I imagine that Shannon may have mentioned to you his unexpected introduction to details about my past. As I told him then, I did not intentionally keep anything from him; I am so accustomed to most of London being privy to details from my private life that I tend to simply assume that everyone knows. I have no way of knowing whether you did or not.

I am writing to you, Felix, because I wanted you to know that though we have only just become acquainted, I hold you in high regard. I therefore wanted an opportunity to tell you the truth personally, not only secondhand through Shannon or worse, from the tabloids.

The truth is this: Men and women once paid for sex with me. There is more complexity to it, but it was also not forced upon me. As for now, I am retired from such work. The other truth is that, no matter what the media might have wanted to paint me as for a time, I did not kill Anafiel Delaunay. I loved him more than I can express on this page, and his death haunts me.

Because of both of these things, much of London knows my face. I would like to think that the interest in me has died down, though the recent photograph of myself and Hannibal Lecter tells me that perhaps it is not so. I am afraid that in that way, my company can be perilous.

That is all, and I am not sure how much of this was necessary to say. But I value honesty and, I hope, your continued friendship.

Sincerely yours,


Nov. 17th, 2014 07:57 pm
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When Alcuin had first seen the tabloid story about himself (and Hannibal, though small mercies he wasn't named), his first reaction had been stunned despair. But it was really Hannibal's calm reaction that had calmed Alcuin as well. He realized that he needed to take control of the narrative. He had come up with an idea that Hannibal supported, and now it was up to Alcuin to make it happen. And not wanting to rely on Hannibal any more than necessary, he realized that he needed to leverage his own contacts, as few as they may be now.

And despite the rather unconventional origin of their acquaintance, Cesare Borgia was one of them.

He had called and asked the man if he'd like to have a drink, and then had arrived a bit early, waiting for him at a high class bar not far from Alcuin's home. He had taken care with his appearance not out of a plan to seduce Cesare but simply because he knew it would be respected. His trousers fit impeccably and his shirt and watch were expensive. The watch had been Anafiel's.

Already nursing a brandy, he slid off his stool to welcome Cesare when he approached, with a smile.


Sep. 2nd, 2014 12:25 pm
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Alcuin had not exactly intended to go out that night, especially alone, but on his way home he'd just by chance passed by a bar with a live band playing, and the music had drawn him inside. He sat at the bar and listened, having a drink, and then after a time a man had joined him, flirting and buying him drinks. He was charming, and handsome, and Alcuin immediately enjoyed his company. He even asked Alcuin to dance, and Alcuin found that he was having a really nice time. As he got a bit drunk, he even agreed to go home with him.

Though at some point the man (whose name was Timothy) spotted a friend across the bar and went to say hello. When he came back, everything had changed. If Alcuin had to guess, he'd say that the friend had recognized him. Timothy had begged off immediately, murmuring apologies about an early morning, and it was nice meeting him, but there was something suspicious in his eyes.

After that, Alcuin sat at the bar and finished his drink alone. Then, he estimated how long a walk it was to Hannibal's house, and called him.

He arrived perhaps twenty minutes later.


Aug. 8th, 2014 01:58 pm
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In the time since Anafiel's death, and his "retirement" even some time before that, Alcuin occasionally ran into his former clients. London was, in some ways, a small town. Usually these encounters were unpleasant. There weren't many of Alcuin's clients that he had actually liked.

... though there, on the other side of a cafe on Oxford street, was one of them.

He looked over at Cesare Borgia, well dressed and handsome. Not the kind of man who would ever have to pay for sex, but Alcuin understood that particularly for the wealthy, there could be something freeing in intimacy without any obligation attached to it. In the few times they'd been together, Cesare had been kind to him, which was more than Alcuin could say for many of his other clients. And... he'd enjoyed himself, honestly.

Cesare had been an important mark to Anafiel, as well. And once during their time together, Cesare had taken a phone call while Alcuin still lay in bed. He'd spoken in Italian, presumably assuming that Alcuin wouldn't understand him, even if he cared to listen. (And why would a prostitute be interested in his business phone calls anyway?) Alcuin had reported the conversation word for word to Anafiel, who apparently had made a nice profit on a stock sale afterwards.

Across the cafe, Cesare met Alcuin's gaze, and Alcuin found himself unsure if he should speak to him or not. After all, Cesare like everyone else must know what had happened: the murder, the accusations of Alcuin's involvement, and now the public knowledge that Alcuin had been a prostitute. Though on the bright side, at least it wasn't public knowledge that he had been a spy.


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